iPad case prototypes


I’ve been making iPad cases, it’s been a lesson. The first batch I made, I designed the cases too small but as I am in the habit of cutting out all my pieces at once, I cut out the piece for three too small iPad cases, only to realise my mistake after sewing up the first one (so the lesson there, don’t be so organised when cutting fabric for something you’ve designed yourself!). The finished too small iPad case is now a sleeping bag for Girl Lacer’s teddy, the other two lots of cut out fabric, I turned into large pouches instead (can never have enough of those) and you can see them on the left. So I resized my design, making sure to only cut out enough fabric for just one iPad case this time and it worked! However only just worked it seems, as I should have allowed more length in the cases, which was only really obvious in the second and third case I made, however, they’ll do and if I make some more I’ve made a note to change my measurements again.

(Fabric used for those who are curious – all fairly old, as it’s from my stash but it’s a mixture of Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Their Nibs, some Japanese stuff, cheapy fabric from Fabric Land and Mini Moderns)


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