Creative Wednesday – I <3 Hipstamatic


I know everyone’s on Instagram but I’m stubborn about my purveyor of filters and much prefer Hipstamatic, I like how you have much more choice between combinations of filters, by choosing what ‘film’ and what ‘lens’ you want and if you’re so inclined (me rarely) what ‘flash’.


2 thoughts on “Creative Wednesday – I <3 Hipstamatic

    1. Ooh yes, that to, I hate it when apps and websites ask you to log on with FB, I do have a FB account but rarely use it and I want my photo app to be separate from my social media app! (Also IMO I think FB is slowly (very slowly) dying, all the people who are going to be on there are on there (ok that is a lot) and young people getting to the age where they can have an account might not necessarily want to use a service which their grandma’s on!)

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