A few days away


We went to Wales for a few days whilst the builders fixed some issues dating back to the refurb last January. We didn’t do much (we never do), in part because of Boy Lacer’s car phobia but we have a new car now and he seems to like this one a little better, so travelling wasn’t quite as traumatic as it could have been.

On our first full day there we split up; Mr. Lacer and Girl Lacer headed for Snowdon (for any overseas readers that’s the highest mountain in England and Wales), whilst me and Boy Lacer took the car free / bit easier for littler legs options of walking up to a local hill fort. Mr. Lacer wasn’t planning on taking Girl Lacer all the way up Snowdon but Girl Lacer has the stamina of an ox (most of the time, you should have heard her walking back from the train station just now, she was almost out whinging Boy Lacer) and if you stick a challenge, particularly a physical challenge in front of her, she likes to do all of it (she’s also recently taken up indoor climbing eek, she’s braver than me), so they did end up going to the top (middle photo, on the left was taken near the top). When Mr. Lacer and Girl Lacer eventually made it back home, she was still bouncing around whilst Mr. Lacer was flaked out in the armchair. Mine and Boy Lacer’s walk up to the hill fort was a little less adventurous but it was still pretty good going, particularly considering the physical issues Boy Lacer had when he was younger (and still to some extent has). It involved a not particularly short walk along some country lanes and then up a very steep hill that certainly had me panting. There were some sheep on the path to (along with copious amounts of sheep poo, which Boy Lacer worried about as well), which almost led to us aborting our climb but luckily I managed to convince him that if we slowly walked towards them they’d move and luckily they did. (Photo middle right was taken on the way down).

Those two walks were pretty much the only highlight, although we did manage to get as far as Llangollen and discovered the waterside area which was quite nice. We also played some games, with the usual copious amount of playing on the iPads, as well as some board games, Girl Lacer finally got me to play Munchkin and I won!

And now we’re back, to a lovely tidy flat, with a kitchen floor and bathroom wall that hopefully won’t start crumbling again. I have to say I am so glad I had to tidy the flat for the builders before we left (we needed to make sure there was enough room for them to shift the kitchen appliances out of the kitchen). I’ve come back from some holidays before and the flat’s a right mess and it’s a bit of a downer, although thankfully since the refurb the flat in general has been easier to keep tidy. ‘Tidy your flat / house before you go away’ feels a bit like one of Gretchen Rubin’s Secrets of Adulthood (check them out on Pinterest) and it’s definitely something I’ll try and remember in the future.

So now the summer holidays are almost over, summer felt absolutely over in Wales, the weather had a chill and a greyness to it most of the time but here in London it’s still nice and warm. I get bored of seasons too easily but getting thrown back into the last remaining bits of summer again when I stepped off the train at Euston certainly made me appreciate it again (I also appreciated with renew how much more food choice there is here). Having school age kids has made me revert back to the old ‘the year starts in September’ thing and I am looking forward to being able to knuckle down with plans once the kids are back in school but until then, sun keep shining.


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