Banana biscuits


I seem to specialise in making unattractive biscuits at the moment, I made some chocolate chip and butterscotch biscuits recently which weren’t even worthy of a photo. These ones are banana biscuits aka Fruity Little Teds, from Biscuit by Miranda Gore Browne. I’ve been wanting to make these for ages, if anything for the cute little teddy bear shape but even after chilling for more than an hour, the dough was as sticky as hell, so it wouldn’t have worked, plus something must have eaten my clingfilm because she recommended rolling the dough out between two lots of clingfilm and I could have sworn I had some but when I needed it I couldn’t find it.

As for the taste, they’re ok, taste a little bit like toddler food, which they are really but they are a bit of a different way of using up over ripe bananas than the usual banana bread. (And as usual because of copyright I am not going to put the recipe here but I’d say mash up a banana or two and add to any plain(ish) biscuit recipe and it’d probably work, just don’t expect to cut out shapes from it).


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