Illustration Stitchalong – Puff the Magic Dragon


Ahhh, now I can put some links in. I’ve been having ago at the current Illustration Stitchalong, which is currently free choice. Inspired by Cherry and Cinnamon’s piece, I thought I’d have another go at watercolour tinting and I’ve always wanted to embroider something from Puff the Magic Dragon, as so beautifully illustrated by Eric Puybaret.


I used a better fabric than my first attempt at watercolour tinting, so I had less leaching but still a bit and I am not impressed with my sky but overall I quite like this piece. I couldn’t quite get the eyes right on either Puff or the girl (by the way this is from one of the last pages in the book, where Puff’s original little friend has grown up but after being sad for awhile Puff finds a new friend), so it looks a bit like Puff the goth dragon meets goth girl who’s been cruelly forced to wear pink. Eyes are so difficult to get right in embroidery, if you’re aiming for anything more than a single french knot.


I had planned to mount this on a canvas frame but they didn’t have any the right size, so I used canvas board instead and I really like the effect. Will certainly do that again.


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