Sticky citrus chicken


I don’t eat enough protein, I also don’t actually cook any of the recipes from the food magazines I read, so I thought I’d rectify that. I had menu planned the chicken to go into something else but the citrus sticky chicken recipe in this month’s BBC Good Food Magazine seemed simpler and it was. As for eating enough protein, I am still not much of a meat eater (although I, despite a period in my teens, will never be a vegetarian, I like meat as long as it’s in small doses and not the star of the meal but more just another ingredient), so this was a bit too meaty for me. Mr. Lacer really liked it though and he’s not a big fan of chicken.

(A lot of BBC Good Food recipes seem to appear on their website eventually, so this one may to, although I doubt it’s there at the moment).


3 thoughts on “Sticky citrus chicken

  1. Just found your site. I too like books and cooking! I sew a bit on a practical level but nothing like you – have enough trouble overlocking. Your creations are very artistic.

    Anyway, I wanted to say I identify with not enough protein. I have one veggie daughter and one non veggie and I often find meat comes in annoyingly large packs when we don’t eat that much meat in the family. I’m always looking for new sauces and marinades to make things more interesting, so will give this citrus chicken a go.

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