Fortunately the Milk


Oh 2013 has been a fortuitous year for books, with not one but two Neil Gaiman books out! Fortunately the Milk is the second and aimed at children (probably around 7-8 I’d guess but younger children would like it read to them I think and older children, heck even grown ups will love it to). This grown up certainly loved it, maybe I watch too many YouTube clips with Neil Gaiman in, but reading this book I could hear his voice in my head and well it is one of those voices that could read me the phone directory and I’d be happy. Fortunately Fortunately the Milk is a lot more exciting than a phone directory, featuring a bucketload of really detailed and quirky illustrations from Chris Riddell (in the UK version), the illustrations don’t just illustrate (if you know what I mean), they are part of the story and I love how the text has been formatted on the page (and I love how the main character, the dad, looks more than a little like Neil Gaiman).


From Neil Gaiman’s Fortunately the Milk, illustrated by Chris Riddell

And as for the actual story, well there’s a dad who has to pop to the corner shop to buy some milk to put on his kids’ breakfast cereal and well, he’s a little late coming back. Fortunately the Milk is the story about why he’s late, there’s aliens, pirates, dinosaurs and more and is just the sort of mad dad tale a dad would tell, specially if the dad was Neil Gaiman.

***** (out of 5)

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