Phat Quarter 5 swap


I swore off swaps a while ago but there’s one or two I take an exception for, one of them being the Phat Quarter swaps, not that I’ve done one before but I’ve always admired the quality of the work on the Flickr group, so I thought I’d give it a go. The theme of the swap was 5, as it’s the fifth anniversary of Mr X Stitch this month. Inspired by this star pattern by hooptdo, I decided to use 5 different stitches and 5 different colours to create a negative space 5.


I used coral stitch (which was a first time for me and a right pain), chevron stitch, running stitch, couched stitch and blanket stitch. It was a bit of a dum dum daaaaah moment when I ironed the piece to remove my pen marks because I wasn’t totally convinced the 5 would show up clearly (even Boy Lacer was giving me unprompted design consultations on this piece as I was stitching it, he thought I should fill the 5 with something and I’ll admit I did decide if the 5 wasn’t clear I’d applique some felt onto it). But I think it does show up quite well.


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