Creative Wednesday – adventures in evenweave


I am definitely an embroiderer who dabbles in cross stitch and certainly not the other way round, all that counting feels odd against the freedom embroidery gives you (sorry die hard cross stitchers!), however I have been cross stitching for a while and aida is beginning to feel a bit ‘this is not exactly stretching me’. I’ve stitched on evenweave once before, but that was a much simpler pattern than the one I’m currently trying to attempt, Halloween Spooky Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, it also wasn’t on teensy 32 count. I started this yesterday, you see that bit in the border that sort of looks like a fizzing wand? I had to unpick and restitch that 4 times. The rate I’m going, this is going to be ready Halloween 2014.


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