Blackberry Buttermilk Sponge (The Great British Bake Off Everyday)


The mother in law came to visit today, amongst other things I made cake; blackberry buttermilk sponge from The Great British Bake Off Everyday. I lurrrrve Great British Bake Off but a lot of the stuff they make on it, I’m not exactly going to attempt that myself, for start I’m not normally catering for massive crowds. So it’s nice to see an ‘Everyday’ book from Great British Bake Off because after all baking is definitely not just about special occasions. I knocked the above cake up in about 10 minutes after I’d prepared the main course for lunch and put it in the fridge in readiness.

The resulting cake is lovely, although Boy Lacer reckoned Paul would think it was a bit plain. I swapped the self raising flour for wholemeal self raising flour as my supposedly strict baking stock control seems to have gone all awry (I could swear I ordered more) but the result of the swap gave the cake a nice texture I think and it could almost kid you it was healthy ….

In my attempt to bake more I think I’ll be using this book quite a lot, much as I love my fancy baking books, they don’t exactly get used much, they’re more for looking at. There are recipes for cakes, biscuits, small cakes, breads, sweet breads, pastry and puddings, with recipes from Paul, Mary and this year’s bakers. I like how there are also weekend baking sections, acknowledging both that you (may) have time to do something a bit more special at the weekend but that equally baking doesn’t stop during the working week. Particularly drool worthy recipes include poppyseed and lemon cake, apple cake with rum buttercream (although I’d skip the rum), sticky chocolate gingerbread with ginger and chocolate icing, cheese and mustard crackers, olive oil and rosemary crackers, tuiles, crunchy bacon soda bread, rosemary potato loaf, thyme fougasse, baguettes (have to try making these), English muffins, Mexican breadsticks, baked chocolate doughnuts (just the picture makes me drool), maple apple puffs, brownie ice cream sandwiches, meringue berry sorbet cake and cinnamon, blueberry and apple cobbler.


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