The Fallen


Charlie Higson’s The Enemy series is always a yearly treat, now on book 5, The Fallen, the story goes back to the kids at The Natural History Museum, who, a few books ago, had just discovered that the sickos (zombie like grown ups) that they had locked in the basement had escaped. Thankfully the Holloway crew rock up just in time to help.

For those that don’t know The Enemy series, well I’m jealous, because you’ve now got 5 books to read back to back and completely freak yourself out with. It tells the story of a disease that kills or turns into zombie like sickos, everyone over the age of 15. The series looks at a number of different groups of kids across London, generally concentrating a book at a time for each group, so it can be a while to find out what happened to each group, as Higson’s moves onto a different group for the next book and that can sometimes make remembering who’s who difficult, as there’s such a large cast of characters. But it does come flooding back eventually and you’re soon taken along for the ride. Higson does a couple of things extremely well in these books; firstly he really gets under the skin of the child characters and really examines the mental horrors of what they’re going through as they have to fight for survival and regularly loose friends. The second thing Higson’s does really well is that he writes bloody good death scenes, kids die with a frequent regularity in his books but once or twice in each book he really gets in the head of the dying kid(s) and *gulp* I don’t know what it does to the teenage readers these books are aimed at but to this adult with two kids the same age as some of the younger characters, it pulls violently at every parental heart string I’ve got.

As mentioned above The Fallen is book 5, there’s meant to seven books I think (the number changes every now and then) and therefore the story is beginning to be wrapped up a bit and we’re learning more about what the disease actually is. I think this is always a risky moment in any series / long book where something apocalyptical has happened but you don’t know exactly what caused it for most of the story because the story up to the point where you find out could be the best story ever but if the reason behind the event turns out to be a bit blah, it kinda of ruins the whole story (*ahem* Steven King’s Under The Dome). So far what we’re finding out about the origins of the disease and some of it’s features does remind me a little of another currently popular adult apocalypse series (not saying which one for spoiler reasons) but then again there’s been plenty of films to where a mysterious disease originates from the location it originates from in The Fallen to. It’s a bit of a genre cliche however in real life new diseases do come from there so I guess there’s a good reason for it.

I think books 6 and 7 are going to have some absolutely immense battles and lots of people are going to die (bit like how I think Game of Thrones books 6 and 7 are going to have some immense battles and lots of people are going to die in that to), I can’t wait.


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