Happy Birthday Boy Lacer



I managed to finish Zombie Bear in time for Boy Lacer’s birthday, in fact I finished it on Friday, for a pattern that on appearance looked a little daunting, it went together surprisingly easily and I had lots of fun making it and I’m really pleased with the result. Zombie Bear is made from fleece and felt and is incredibly cuddly for something that is about to eat your arm off. (Pattern by DIY Fluffies).


The birthday cake was the Coke Layer cake with chocolate sour cream fudge frosting from Baked in America. It was meant to be 3 layers, which would have been ridiculous for the four of us, so I reduced the quantities to two thirds and made just two layers. Even then the cake was massively big. It was a fun cake to make, with a base of chocolate, coca cola and melted marshmallows, the resulting cake has a rich dark chocolate-y colour but is actually not that chocolate-y but it’s still very rich, probably too rich if truth be told (it has an extremely large amount of sugar in it). I wasn’t that impressed with the frosting either, I don’t think it worked very well, didn’t look that appetising and there wasn’t enough. However it was edible and I loved the smarties topping!

I’ve been doing a lot of day to day baking recently, much plainer fare and I’d been hankering after doing something a bit more fancy but on making something ‘fancy’ it does in a way sort of feel wasteful because it’s not going to get all eaten (Mr. Lacer is not keen on chocolate cake, I’m not going to let the kids eat too much of it and I’m going to be torn between wanting to eat it because a) I spent all afternoon making it, b) it’d be a waste and c) well it is chocolate cake against d) oh my god my waistline!). I have since frozen some, although I don’t have a fantastic record at remembering what’s in my freezer and defrosting it.


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