Broken Homes


Broken Homes is the latest Peter Grant book from Ben Aaronovitch, a series lovingly set in London (I always have a soft spot for books set in my home city) where Peter Grant and colleagues are members of the magical section of the Metropolitan Police, it’s a small department. If you are new to the series start from the beginning with Rivers of London, you could probably jump straight into book 4 but you’d miss out on some of the plot points on the continuing storyline about Grant and co’s foe, The Faceless Man.

In Broken Homes a series of seemingly disparate cases; a faceless body, a man cooked from the inside, a suicide under a train, all begin to point towards a housing estate in Elephant and Castle called Skygarden. Peter and his colleague Leslie move in under cover to investigate. There’s the usual laugh out loud one liners as Peter wryly observes life in the Met, ably read by Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (as usual I ‘read’ this as an audiobook as the narration in this series is so so so good, Holdbrook-Smith does slightly laconically jaded policeman so well and if the promised TV series goes ahead of the books, he so should play Grant on the screen to). Aaronovitch’s small cast of characters are increasingly gelling together and if something happens to one of them, you really feel the gut punch that the other characters feel to. I definitely think this book is the best in the series yet, I can not wait for the next one!

*****(out of 5) stars


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