Torta di Nada


I love it when blog posts go prompt me to do something, I was checking my blog reader this morning when I spotted a gorgeous blueberry cake on Jane Brocket’s blog and when she said it was an adapted recipe from Jamie’s Italy, well…… Follow the link to Jane’s blog for her adapted recipe (it’s pretty much the same, she just reduced it in size a bit, Jamie’s cake is a big cake) but as I have the book and I’m not actually sure if I’ve ever cooked anything from it before (bad me), I used the book.

The resulting cake is interesting, big, filling (one slice is definitely enough), it sort of masquerades as healthy due to the blueberries and olive oil in it but it isn’t as it’s also got butter in it to and quite a bit of sugar and you can definitely taste the olive oil (which might put off the kids, it sort of puts me off a little, my favourite blueberry combo has to be blueberry and buttermilk). My oven really didn’t play ball with this one, needing to stay in the oven a whole extra hour but I think that’s my oven, I’ve been having particular problems with getting cakes to cook through recently and each time I thank my lucky stars that me and my family aren’t massive meat eaters, as if the oven is struggling to cook cakes properly, heaven help us if we tried to roast a joint, we’d either have food poisoning or be eating extremely late. As it is, other than for baking cakes and biscuits, the main use of our oven is probably pizzas and even that if it’s just one pizza we use our smaller microwave combi oven instead. I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with my oven per say, it’s just a cheap, nasty oven, we knew that when we bought it a few years ago, not that we had the money for a more expensive oven but we were highly restricted in oven choice due to the space available for it in our kitchen and how it needed to be connected to an electricity supply, it meant we basically had the choice of one oven, the oven we bought and what did we do when we refurbished our kitchen earlier this year? Designed the kitchen around the oven, so we still only have the choice of one model of oven …. not that we’re anywhere near the position of even thinking about getting one that might bake cakes a little better.


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