The Company of the Dead

the company of the dead

The Company of the Dead by David Kowalski was full of promise; with a really interesting premise of what would happen if a time traveller went back and attempted to stop the Titanic from sinking, the opening chapters with Dr. Wells the time traveller attempting to complete his quest onboard the ship were really rather good. But when the story jumps forward to the reality that Wells created, a reality where the US never joined The Great War, leaving Germany the victor, in a perpetual struggle with Japan and a divided United States, the story (a bit unbelievably considering the idea) drags a bit. We are introduced to Joseph Kennedy, a ‘CBI’ agent, who is more than a bit of a maverick and his attempts to create a team that will correct the damage done by Wells as the world teeters towards a war to end all wars. In this world there are air ships (there’s always air ships), nobody seems to have twigged smoking is bad for you, sexism and racism is rife and technology is lagging. I’ll admit I certainly didn’t go into this book expecting a literary masterpiece but in my opinion there were pacing issues, it was way too long, there’s a few characters that are built up so that you expect to hear more from them and you never do and as for the characters you do keep track of, some of their motivations are a bit ?!?!? I listened to this as an audiobook and I will admit that in the end I was almost listening to it as I would listen to a bit of a crappy old movie on TV in the background as I got on with something else. I did like the Titanic scenes but I felt like I had to suffer through the rest of the book to get to them.

**(out of 5) stars


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