The Killing II


I listened to the audiobook of the novelisation of the original The Killing and always knew I’d, at some point, get round to listening to the audiobook of The Killing II (audiobooks of foreign language TV adaptations, so good for when you want to embroider at the same time, can’t embroider and read subtitles!). I liked The Killing and I liked The Killing II even more, in The Killing none of the politicians were remotely likeable, virtually every member of the cast is suspected at some point and there’s, in my opinion, excessive running round woodland. In The Killing II, the main politician character is very likeable, there’s less suspects (so you don’t immediately assume it’s a false herring every time someone is suspected) and more varied chase sequences*. The plot is a bit more interesting to, a lawyer is killed and Lund is bought back to help investigate, when more bodies appear, it soon becomes apparent all is not what it seems, the army and Afghanistan is involved. My only real criticism is that Lund needed a bit of a slap round the head over her attitude towards the fate of a previous colleague from the original The Killing (trying to be vague because of spoilers), being compared to an ’empty husk’ was more than a bit insulting to someone in that condition, I know it’s Lund’s massive guilt complex though and I can only hope she is proved wrong in later books.

*some woodland involved

****(out of 5) stars


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