Creative Wednesday: Finished! The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Halloween Sampler


Not the best of photos in this blog post I’m afraid, this is (I think) the first time I’ve ever tried to frame an embroidery behind glass and ooh the reflections! And the framing itself is only temporary, I just wanted it ASAP in a frame considering the big day is tomorrow, so I just hijacked an appropriate sized frame, that until a few moments before had been holding something else. I think the ideal frame would definitely be something black and ornate. I may (funds permitting, ie extremely unlikely) go and get this professionally framed, it took me so long to do this and although it’s littered with mistakes (the only section with absolutely no mistakes is the O), I need to respect the time I put into it and treat the piece properly. Yep as I was stitching this I was having heirloom fantasises.


This is the first complex piece I’ve stitched on evenweave and not only that, it was 32 count as well, so tiny. I struggled a little because sometimes the holes in the fabric were not exactly even, I don’t know if you never get completely even evenweave, specially when you go to 32 count or whether I just had a duff piece of evenweave. However I am a definite evenweave convert, I am still more of an embroiderer than a cross stitcher, but with the cross stitch I had been doing I had been feeling unsatisfied with using Aida all the time and yep evenweave is harder but IMO it looks much nicer.


You can find the pattern here.


2 thoughts on “Creative Wednesday: Finished! The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Halloween Sampler

  1. I think this is one of the best things you’ve done…but then you know me I just love Halloween/Day of the Dead type stuff… (anything orange or involving skulls !)…but really love the “ninja witch” in the bottom corner

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