I really liked this one, perfect for this time of year, Mayhem by Sarah Pinborough is a gothic melodrama which is a little lighter on the annoying fainting women etc. commonly found in these sorts of books and has more amped up scares instead (although more in an ‘OMG have to find out what happens next!’ sort of way instead of excessive gore). Set in the time of Jack the Ripper’s London, it tells the story of Dr. Bond, a police surgeon, who as well as occasionally consulting on the Ripper case, is also working on a series of murders called The Thames Murders. Body parts are being found in the Thames and there is something about the case that scares Bond far more than the Ripper murders do. Bond, who is already suffering from ‘anxiety attacks’ becomes increasingly drug addled as he investigates, unable to sleep with the oppressive atmosphere hanging over London. There’s opium dens and Polish immigrants with ‘the sight’, as something arrives in London from foreign shores……

***** (out of 5)


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