Shift (mild spoilers for Wool)


Why did it take me so long to catch up with the prequel to Wool? I loved Wool a lot and although I don’t think Shift is quite as good (it suffers a little bit in that the story lines are more bitty and Howey has more to squeeze in to explain more about what happened later on in Wool) but Shift is still brilliant.

For those that don’t know the Wool trilogy, it’s dystopian fiction set in a series of underground Silos, the last survivors of humanity. Shift explains why they’re in the silos, flashing back to our near future, with scenes more like a contemporary ‘there’s big bad politicians in Washington’ thriller and then moving forward in time, closer to and then overlapping the events in Wool, as we see what is happening from the perspective of Silo 1.

It is so so tempting to just go and download the final book in the trilogy, Dust, to see what happens next, as I am desperate to know but I have such a to-read pile, I really shouldn’t. Also this is the first book in ages (other than a couple of Neil Gaiman’s), which I’ve read as an actual book, I get most of my books these days as audiobooks or ebooks but I’d seen Shift in the bookshop the other day as I walked past on the search for something else and couldn’t resist, I think the same will probably happen if I one day walk past a copy of Dust but until then, control. I think until then I’m going to tackle another book in my actual book pile, instead of trying to continue ploughing on through my current ebook (Conn Iggulden’s Stormbird, which is a bit slow going but improving). There has been something so nostalgically nice about reading an actual book (goodness I’m talking as if the real book is dead, which of course it isn’t), I could read in the bath again (the nicest place to read a book) and there was something so comforting, when on a trip out somewhere, somewhere where I thought I may have to wait a while, sticking the book in my bag to, it’s like taking a portable world along with me. Of course I always have my phone with me, which has a whole library of books on it and I do often read books on my phone when I’m out somewhere and waiting for something but you know how it goes, you wake up your phone, fully intending to go to the book icon but then it’s ‘oh I’ll just check Twitter first’, then it’s Pinterest and so on and so on. Paper books, no distraction. But then again, of the three books I’ve failed to complete over the last year, two of them have been paperbacks, that feels like that’s saying something, I’m not sure what though.

**** (out of 5) stars


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