Saturday afternoon cooking



I’m very busy at work at the moment, so have had very little chance to even pick up a needle but I have done quite a lot of reading, it’s a bit easier to dip in and out of a book than it is a piece of sewing and I am absolutely addicted to the submerging sensation of temporarily leaving my world to go visit another. So anyway, any large(ish) chunks of free time I do get, I have to consider very carefully what I’m going to do with it. I wasn’t working this afternoon, so I could have done some sewing (I have a growing list of embroidered pieces that need sewing into things) but the kitchen called more, so I spent the afternoon cooking with the kids instead (something both kids had requested over the week). Girl Lacer made the fougasse from James Morton’s Brilliant Bread pretty much on her own (my sum involvement was getting the ingredients out of the cupboard and standing in the corner with my iPad (I have the book on the Kindle app), reading out the instructions). Boy Lacer helped me make the apple syrup upside down pie from Nigella’s Domestic Goddess, whilst the bread was proving (and the bread baker was out for a bike ride) and then Girl Lacer helped with some of the stages of the cannelloni. The fougasse was ok, my first time eating that type of bread and I don’t think I’m a big fan really, too crusty (would never have thought I’d say that) but I certainly can’t really fault Girl Lacer technically (on 10 year old standards). The cannelloni, hmmmm, the recipe was from here, I reduced the quantities by a third, so to feed four apparently but it wasn’t enough and there certainly wasn’t enough cheese sauce, which meant that some of the tubes around the side didn’t cook properly. Shame as pretty much the sole reason why I cooked it was to prove to the kids that cannelloni is nice (a roasted vegetable cannelloni is the vegetarian option at their school’s Christmas dinner, they didn’t know what cannelloni was and thought it sounded gross until I explained it was a bit like lasagne). I’ve certainly eaten nicer cannellonis. The apple syrup upside down pie didn’t particularly look that attractive and the base was a little too thick (and therefore stodgy) in places but that (sorry Boy Lacer) was the cook. It was nice though.


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