Doctor Who: Nothing O’Clock


Doctor Who *tick*, Eleventh Doctor *tick*, Neil Gaiman *oh definitely*, I was always going to read this one. For those who have been living under a rock, it’s the Doctor’s fiftieth anniversary tomorrow (*eek* exciting) and there has been a new set of stories written for each Doctor by a famous author. They’re currently published as separate ebooks but will be published together in an actual book tomorrow.

In Nothing O’Clock we meet the Doctor circa 2010, so the companion is a yet to be married and yet to be a parent Amy (although there’s a nice mention of Amy’s daughter in the book), Rory’s not around either yet, the Doctor having only just met him once so far. The Doctor is returning Amy to her overgrown garden after one particular set of adventures when they discover that the Earth is now under the ownership of The Kin and the human race is extinct, the Doctor traces the cause of the event to 1984, so he and Amy travel back in time and discover a town where mysterious people in animal masks are buying up everyone’s houses and no one has anywhere to live.

Gaiman gets Amy and the Doctor so right and there’s some nice references to the Doctor’s overarching story, I particularly liked this bit considering its reference to tomorrow night’s episode –

The Doctor had a remarkable memory. The problem was, there was so much of it. He had lived eleven lives (or more: there was another life, was there not, that he tried his best never to think about)

The Kin are scary in a way because they’re so simple, non-descript (forgetting the animal masks for a moment), so normal, so quiet (as opposed to say the Daleks). An enemy that takes over the world by buying your house. And in a way, considering (and I know some adults do have trouble remembering this sometimes, Doctor Who is a children’s series), the story is an excellent metaphor to how it might feel when you’re a kid and someone buys your house, your world could feel like it’s ending, as you face moving away from everything you know. It’d make a good bedtime story to freak your kids out with.

****(out of 5 stars)


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