Doctor Who biscuits


Made with biscuit cutters from Lakeland, I’ve had them for ages but had yet to use them and well I just had to use them today of all days. The recipe is the trusty butter cut out cookie recipe from Nigella’s Domestic Goddess, except I didn’t use butter, I used Stork*, as I use in all my baking these days and with these biscuits you can tell. I wish I had time to decorate them but as usual these day, baked in a hurry between shifts.

* I stopped using the household butter (Anchor Spreadable), a long time ago, me hacking great big hunks out of it to bake was annoying everyone else when they came to reach for the butter for the toast, I used cheap own brand old fashioned butter for quite a while (you know the sort that comes in a rock hard block and is wrapped in grease proof paper), which I bought specially for baking but it kept going out of date before I could use it and it was difficult to keep wrapped up once already opened (I guess that’s why butter dishes were invented) and although it was cheaper than the Anchor Spreadable, it still wasn’t that cheap, so I switched to Stork, which seems to last longer, comes in handy tubs, is cheaper and doesn’t require softening before you bake with it. However the part of me that is not keen on overly processed foods, stamps her foot every time I use it and it’s when I make things like these biscuits, biscuits I’ve made so many times before with butter, do I realise quite what I’m actually missing. Maybe I need to go look at butter dishes, I wonder if they do Tardis ones? 😉


5 thoughts on “Doctor Who biscuits

  1. Freeze your butter until a day you are planning on baking and then either take it out morning or microwave it… we keep butter in the freezer…the other day 2 blocks fell out of the top shelf of the freezer and fell on my head !

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