The Redemption of Alexander Seaton


Personally I don’t think you can get anything much more escapist than historical fiction, it’s literal time travel, so it was with great relish that I listened to The Redemption of Alexander Seaton. Set in Scotland in the 1620s, Alexander Seaton is a disgraced school teacher struggling (and not really wanting) to forgive himself. When he returns home from the pub one night, dismissing the cries for help from a man he dismisses as a drunkard, he piles more guilt onto himself when the body of the man is found the next day on his school desk, dead. But when one of his few remaining friends is accused of the man’s murder, Seaton feels stirred to try and help. Throw in cartography, papist plots and witchcraft and it’s definitely an entertaining book. My only criticism is that I got ‘who dunnit’ pretty early on in the book, as the author laid on some extremely heavy hints but still, that added to the anticipation about when was Seaton going to finally find out?

I am pleased to see that this book is but a start to a series of Alexander Seaton books, I’ll almost certainly read them

**** (out of 5)


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