Gingerbread biscuits


Recipe from the Rose Bakery book ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Tea’, which is quite old now, so may be out of print, *goes check Amazon*, nope, still in print, which is good, as it’s got some great yummy cafe type food in it. I need to cook from this more often, haven’t cooked from this in years. Anyway, back to the gingerbread biscuits, they’re gorgeous and they have currently filled my flat with a lovely, Christmas-y, fragrant scent. They’re very moreish, I’ve already eaten too many. And you can actually cut shapes out of the dough, so many recipes, despite purporting to be suitable to cut shapes out of, aren’t, although I think in this case I could have rolled the dough out a little thinner. But I was rushing as usual, trying to do something nice between shifts, that wasn’t the usual (or should I say tempting to my lazy streak) sitting passively by my laptop waiting for my next shift to start (for the random reader – I work shifts from home). However, I had been hoping that they’d be the hard sort of gingerbread, they certainly looked like it in the photo in the book but they’ve turned out more cake like, maybe because I didn’t roll them thin enough or maybe because I had to substitute molasses with golden syrup or maybe they were meant to be like that anyway, I’ve eaten more cake like gingerbread biscuits before, I think maybe they’re more Scandinavian?

I do think I’ll be making these again before Christmas is up, I think I need some more Christmas-y cookie cutters and some white icing.


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