The Road Between Us


My brief (I haven’t got any more lined up) historical war novel binge continues with The Road Between Us by Nigel Farndale, it follows two stories; one story we meet just before the outbreak of World War II, when two gay lovers, the English Charles and the German Anselm, are arrested in a Piccadilly hotel room for indecency. The second story is that of Edward, a present day British diplomat who has just been released from 11 years captivity in Afghanistan. The novel follows what happens to Charles, Anselm and Edward; Charles as he becomes a war artist, Anselm as he’s held in a concentration camp (he’d been deported back to Germany) and Edward as he recovers from his ordeal, as he rebuilds his relationship with his daughter, someone who reminds him uncomfortably of his dead wife.

The story varied in it’s ability to hold my attention, as it switched narratives, some of the narratives were not as interesting as others. Parts of the story were very uncomfortable to. I will admit that part of what held my attention was just wanting to know how the author was going to tie the story together.

Historical novels tend to stay with me longer than other types of novels, there’s something about the immersion into another era which I find so captivating, so I suspect I will be thinking of this story for a while but it’s not the best story I’ve read in a while.

*** (out of 5)


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