More Than This


Patrick Ness seems to be on a roll of writing gut wrenchingly, achingly beautiful YA fiction, his A Monster Calls is still in my head months and months after I read it and I’m sure More Than This will still be in my head for a long time to.

More Than This opens with a quite graphic death, a boy drowning, he dies and then wakes up somewhere else, Hell? Well wherever it is it resembles his childhood home in England, except there’s nobody else there and everything is covered in dust, rotting away. The first part of the book is actually quite an uncomfortable read, life in this new place is horrible but as he has flashbacks to his life before his death, that was mostly pretty horrible to.

I can’t say anything more about what happens because part of the beauty of this book is going on the journey of discovery with the boy and the book turns into something you don’t expect. But I can say it’s a lot about how horrible it is to be a teenager sometimes and discovering your place in the world. The end message of this book is utterly beautiful and is something a lot of us, teenager or adult, needs to read sometimes.

***** (out of 5 stars)

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