Kew Illuminations

Kew Illuminations

We went to see the last day of the Kew Gardens Illuminations this evening. It was a birthday trip for one of Girl Lacer’s friends, me and Boy Lacer gatecrashed. If it’s back on next Christmas I would recommend it (presuming it’s going to pretty similar if they do). At the beginning there’s a neat Christmas market with *shock* products I would actually want to buy, they were all UK artists and although I’m all for a global economy and I am definitely not about to turn all UKIP but a lot of Christmas markets I’ve seen recently are full of cheap mass produced stuff from overseas, it must be difficult for local artists to compete. There was also a nice helter skelter and a carousel and extremely expensive but nice mulled wine and biscuits. The walk itself is about 70 minutes long and was in some parts wet and muddy (that was fun in the dark) even though they had laid pathways down. Some of the stuff was a bit hmmmm but it was worth it for the Mediterranean Garden with its lanterns, the fire garden, the Waterlily House and the illuminated Palm House alone. It was hard to take good photos (trying to keep track of your kids at the same time in the dark didn’t help), so I couldn’t capture a lot of it but you can see the aforementioned favourite bits in the photos above. I particularly liked the reflection of the installation in the Waterlily house, in the water, it looked so painterly. And the fire garden felt almost primal.


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