Moroccan Roasted Vegetable Soup


In case you hadn’t guessed I’ve given up (at least for the moment) working my way through my (far too extensive really) cookbook collection, I fell foul with my usual menu planning problem, I’d plan to make five or six things in a week and events or just personal taste that week would get in the way and I was wasting far too much food. So for the last few months I’ve been shopping from a basic shopping list, the same thing each week, which is not the most exciting thing in the world but there’s much less waste and it’s much cheaper. I do my weekly shop online at Ocado and have the list stored and I’ve worked out the combined total of everything on the list is around £65, now some of those things on the list I don’t need to buy weekly, so once I’ve removed those from the list, I can buy any extra treats etc. as long as it stays within roughly £65 (I also do probably about a couple of top up shops in the supermarket during the week between about £10-£30 each time, although I try not to and if the top up shop is round the £30 mark I am not impressed with myself, plus there are the endless trips to the corner shop to buy bread, which we always seem to be out of).

Anyway, when I did the weekly shop for this week’s food, there was some money spare and instead of spending it on biscuits (all too easy), I found a couple of old BBC Good Food magazine recipes and bought the ingredients for those instead. One of those was the Moroccan Roasted Vegetable soup which I made this lunch time. Roasted carrots, parsnips, butternut squash, red onion and potato with ras el hanout spice mix. It was nice, the spice mix was a bit overpowering and the soup itself doesn’t beat my favourite thick butternut squash soup but it made a nice change.


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