How to Draw Anything


I am continuing to practice my drawing skills with a book I’ve had on my iPad for a while, How to Draw Anything by Mark Linley. The above is my first attempt and below is my second, I can already see a bit of an improvement, although I had problems with scale in my second picture. They’re both exercises from the book.


I like the pen and ink style of drawing. As suggested by the title, the book covers a lot of stuff (pen and ink only), from landscapes, buildings, animals and people. There’s also a few chapters at the back about drawing in a more cartoon style, which Iooks, in my opinion, quite dated, hardly surprising though considering the book was written in 1995. But the books seems worth it for the rest of the more natural looking stuff.


2 thoughts on “How to Draw Anything

  1. Nice drawings – especially the top one. They will look great when coloured in – even if you use flat colours.
    Have you done any more since these two?

    1. Thank you! After I worked my way through How to Draw Anything for a bit I stopped drawing for a while, discouraged. But I’ve been doing a few Creativebug courses for painting and drawing and some Skillshare courses for digital illustration. I’m going to try and apply the 100 hours practice thing (not that I’m counting) and I keep telling myself that I have to keep going, I’m not going to be able to instantly draw, it takes practice.

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