I’m doing a lot of lettering and Illustrator practice at the moment, taking some more Skillshare classes. I have some pieces I’m really pleased with and some pieces that just make me shudder. I’m not sure where the one above (my most recent) falls. I watched a class this morning about layouts. The content of the class was great but the project task(s), unlike all the other Skillshare classes I’ve seen, a bit vague / non-existant. I’m hoping that’s just because it’s a new class and maybe not all the material is up or maybe it’s because we’re all meant to be big grown ups and just take what we’ve learnt and apply it to our own work. Anyway I wanted to practice with something, so I looked through some of my recent Richmond Park photos and chose the one above (because it was the first one I had the strongest idea for). Every time I look at that photo I think “spooky”, what with all the trees, it’s like there’s too many to check behind for something lurking. So I thought I’d make the word ‘spooky’ lurk in the background, something you might not see straight away.

But now I’m thinking it’s too not obvious and that I’ve just wasted an afternoon but looking at the positive, I haven’t. I’ve learnt how to cut shapes out of other shapes using the pathfinder tool (so that you can see through the holes of the P and Os – if you squint hard enough), I’ve practiced another S (Ss are sooo hard in Illustrator), I really like my Os and I’m on the slow and winding path to developing my own style. The teacher in the Skillshare videos I saw today, his photo work was great but in the examples he showed they were very much about filling all the negative space with text, on another project I’ve been working on (for another Skillshare class), that I’ve been working on for ages, the piece is mostly going to be negative space and I guess I need to develop the confidence to be able to go (to myself), “Yes, this is how I do things”.

PS I exported the above as a .jpg, I’ve just noticed on the original .ai version, the ‘Spooky’ does not have the annoying faint white border around it, anyway around this anyone?


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