Valentine’s Craftiness


I’ve been busy learning new things / relearning old skills so far this year, so I haven’t had much chance to do embroidery (yet) but there’s nothing like a holiday to celebrate to get me stitching, particularly when there’s such good patterns out there. The above ‘Made For Each Other’ was stitched for Mr. Lacer and is a pattern by Bridgeen from Cherry & Cinnamon and it was such fun to stitch and I love how graphic it’s turned out.


I also made a new seasonal cushion for the sofa (to *ahem* replace the Halloween one I stitched two years ago), using this donation-ware pattern from Carina. I set the pattern in a reverse appliqué cushion.


And because I don’t like to forget the kids, I also made them Lino printed Valentines cards, based on an idea from Crafty Magazine a few issues back (so gutted that magazine is closing). This was my first ever Lino printing, I’ve wanted to try it for a long time (vaguely remember my mum doing it) and I finally got round to buying myself a starter set in the January sales and have only just opened the box (typical). The results are very far from perfect but ooh it was fun! Will definitely be doing that again!

I also made the kids heart shaped pizza (using boxed pizza dough) and (not seen) little heart shaped apple pies using ready made puff pastry and tinned apples.


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