Knitting has taken hold of me this year, I’ve been able to knit for a while (I have vague memories of my mum teaching me) but I always leave such long gaps between picking up the knitting needles, I always have to re teach myself each time, thank god for YouTube videos. Anyway, this time I am determined to ingrain knitting so much, that I don’t ever have to get to the re teach myself the basics stage again. A good way of doing that is a year long project and with my usual overkill, I’ve actually started two. The above is the January portion of a sky scarf. I’ve been faithfully recording the sky colour at midday since 1st January but it took me until February to start knitting it, as I was a little bit daunted plus it took forever to wind the hanks into balls (in fact I still have half the light blue hank to go). I’m catching up though and I am really loving watching the pattern develop. Looking at the beginning of my sky scarf compared to others, the sky colour has been much more changeable here (in London, UK) than in other places. Looking at the colours I’ve recorded for February to, even with this awful weather we’ve been having, day to day it’s still pretty varied. And an added bonus, the scarf feels so soft to.


It was Laura Howard’s excellent sky blanket, that initially alerted me to the idea of sky scarves and I was just going to stick to a sky scarf but then whilst on the Leafcutter site I noticed mood scarves and well, I couldn’t resist and as I was already doing a sky scarf, I decided to do a mood blanket. I also started recording on 1st January for this, red is happy / excited, blue is sad / anxious / stressed, yellow is calm and green is bored / apathetic. I was doing quite well at keeping up, knitting a square a day, but then I hit a stressful patch at work and the blanket slowed to an almost stop, so the blanket currently stands at 3rd February, it’s not that much fun stitching blue square after blue square! The blanket is a little on the narrow side but I wanted to stick to 14 square rows, as I’m curious to see if a pattern emerges, maybe I really hate Mondays (actually I don’t it’s one of my days off work). I am starting to see a pattern though, that big patch of red at the beginning of the blanket coincides pretty precisely with the kids being off school.

As well as the sky scarf and the mood blanket I hope to knit some other things to this year, I made a start on some gloves, my first ever attempt at rib knit but it’s not going so well, we’ll see!


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