The Farm


When Daniel’s parents move to Sweden, he uses it as an excuse to delay revealing to them that he’s gay, however the process of not revealing that part of his life has led him to hold back on them in general and he was loosing touch with them. So when his dad rings to say that his mother has been committed to an asylum, it’s completely out of the blue and then to make matters worse his mum rings to say don’t believe a word your father says.

The book had an interesting premise and the ending was very well handled and although I didn’t fall in book love with it I would have given it 3 stars however I really felt like I couldn’t empathise with the character of Daniel’s mum Tilda, and as a key character in the story, that made large parts of the book difficult. As a Swedish citizen who had spent 50 years living in the UK, Tilda’s over eagerness to reintegrate herself into Swedish society was understandable but her obsession with it was grating. I think my reaction is probably more a reflection on my own personal dislike of that sort of person than a reaction about the book itself but for me personally –

** (out of 5 stars)


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