Bought on a whim from Audible, this is not quite my usual book, I’m not that into sci-fi in book form (whereas I love it in film and TV) as I find sci-fi books seem to spend way too much time on the world generation and not enough time on the plot, or maybe I just read bad sci-fi books. I also tend to like my sci-fi closer to the ‘everything is almost normal but not quite’ end of the scale, instead of the ‘let’s make this as alien and as different as possible (and spend a whole chapter describing their syntax)’. So 14, set in present day LA in an old apartment block, definitely ticked my ‘everything is normal but not quite’ boxes. The main character, Nate, has just moved in and there’s some mysteries that he’s perhaps a little too curious about. He soon enlists some of the other tenants, as they find out what is behind those locked doors ……

And then towards the end of the book it all changes and the nice urban, present day sci-fi I was reading, wasn’t quite that anymore and it sort of morphed into the sort of sci-fi book I don’t like. I dunno, the premise is really good but I couldn’t help but think if I’d run with a premise like that, I’d have taken it in a very different direction, I’d have also left not quite so many questions unanswered at the end of the book.

It would have been 5 stars except for the change in plot direction but that’s more just my personal taste, so

**** out of 5 stars


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