Fun with Ainsley


I’ve been on holiday this week (end of annual leave year coming up, so I’ve got quite a bit of holiday coming up), so that has meant I’ve had a bit more time to cook. So I menu planned four recipes this week and I’ve cooked them all in three days. The randomly picked cookbook was the blast from the past that is Ainsley Harriott’s Gourmet Express (whatever happened to him?). My copy of Gourmet Express was very heavily used back in the day, it’s a good cookbook but I hadn’t used it in ages.

Left to right, top to bottom are Ribbled (his spelling) raspberry and white chocolate muffins, which unfortunately were a bit overcooked and therefore difficult to remove from their cases but still nice, Rocket and roast onion salad which called for button onions but I used quartered red onions and it was delicious, Baked pasta with chorizo and taleggio (except I used cheddar), I think I’ve made this before, I remember when chorizo was an exotic ingredient hard to get hold of (about the time this book came out) but I think I managed to find some, anyway, I need to make this more, as it’s gorgeous and finally Deep pan American-style cheese ring pizza crust, oh my goodness, very yummy!

So in summary I shouldn’t let this book gather dust again!


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