World Book Day 2014


This year Girl Lacer is going as Amy from the Tom Gates book (ooh I have a love – mostly hate relationship with those books, with the Wimpy Kid books to, I love them because both kids will put down their iPads to read them copiously, I hate them because they’re pretty much the number one choice for story time and I am getting a wee bit tired of reading them, particularly when their bedroom is full of other fantastic books, which they’re not reading because they’re too busy reading Tom Gates and Wimpy Kid). The Peter Pan collar is handmade and ummm, I think I’d get thrown out the door of the Great British Sewing Bee due to the wonkiness of my stitching on that one. I adapted the Peter Pan collar from an old pattern from an issue of Gathered (another craft magazine that’s hit the dust *sob*).

Boy Lacer is going as Percy Jackson, me and Boy Lacer are currently reading the first book of the series on my iPad but then some new Wimpy Kids – Tom Gates made it into the house, so it was bye bye Percy. The T shirt was done with an iron on transfer (so shiny, yuck), I used the Herculeam (sp?) font in Illustrator (reversing it so it was mirror image) and a Pegasus clip art image.


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