Roman soldier costume


I am officially costumed out and I will admit that before buying a job lot of fancy cardboard in Paperchase yesterday, I did search my (major shopping destination) town for a shop bought Roman costume but I couldn’t find any. That’s because, from looking at the other boys arriving at school today, their far more organised mummies beat me to it. I hope my kids appreciate the home made costumes on tap (instead of just getting shop bought ones), I think they do, I have a feeling it’s almost certainly something they’re going to remember anyway.

(For the record, the costume consisted of two pieces of ‘mirror’ cardboard, attached at the shoulders by ribbon for the armour, a belt we already had, with folded over and glued into loops pieces of red cardboard, as the flappy bits of the soldier’s ‘skirt’, a shield based on a design I found when googling ‘Roman shield design’, it’s just poster paint, black Sharpie, a bit of left over mirror cardboard and a sewn on button and a red piece of corduroy from my stash, knotted at the top two corners and attached by safety pins for the cape. If I were to do the costume again, the only thing I’d do differently is attach some sort of firmer backing on to the back of the shield, as due to the size it’s quite floppy.)


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