A picnic in the park

Obligatory photo of deer
Obligatory photo of deer

We took the mother-in-law for a picnic in Richmond Park today. I made bacon and cheddar loaves from Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake.


and apple and currant slices from Hummingbird Bakery’s Cake Days.


The loaves were really nice however if I were to make them again, I would use a stronger cheddar (I just used our bog standard stuff that we use in sandwiches, so the result wasn’t that cheesy)  and instead of dividing the dough by four, as instructed, to make four ‘loaves’, I would divide it into eight to make eight rolls (and reduce the cooking time). The loaves were a bit on the humungous side but were too small to be considered proper loaves, I guess you could cut them in half and serve with soup, something like that. Hollywood advises eating them warm to, so I guess they don’t keep too well.

The apple and currant slice was not the best thing I’ve made, it was too dry, too sweet and not that much flavour (due to the weird coating the apple in the spices and not, as I had a feeling I should have done, if I wasn’t faithfully following the recipe, put in the flour and oat mix). It was also a bit stodgy, specially coming after the bread. Eating the bread followed by the slice made me really wish I’d bought along some nice carrots.


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