Hook, Line & Singer

Hook line and singer

Me and the kids are all in (separate) choirs (all lead by the same lovely lady), I always feel very lucky that my kids go to quite a musical school. Anyway, Hook, Line and Singer by Cerys Matthews was recommended in my choir session the other day as a good family song book and as it’s never very long between one of my kids (specially Girl Lacer) having a song on their lips, I thought it sounded an excellent book to add to our collection and it is! As someone who appreciates books just for being books, this one, for a start, is a beauty, right down to its illustrations, lay out, its font and the feel of it in your hands. As for the actual content, well, when I got it out the box it was delivered in, I couldn’t even open it before Girl Lacer had grabbed it and was pouring over it. The selection of songs in this book is mammoth and it contains songs I recognise from both the kids early childhood (like Wind the Bobbin Up, which was sung again and again, at virtually every pre school activity Girl and Boy Lacer ever attended, as if it were some sort of toddler national anthem and Girl Lacer claims not to remember it, whereas for me, that song is ….. etched ….. on …… my …… brain) and from my childhood, The Tra La La Song,

Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and A Windmill in Old Amsterdam (I am still in my late 30s, I promise you, that sort of selection and it makes me sound at least a decade or two older). There’s basically loads of songs I recognise, often songs I only know the first verse of, so to suddenly learn that My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean has not one verse but four, is fantastic. There’s old songs, new to me songs, weird songs and a really good selection of songs in foreign languages (I love singing those). Each song has a little bio and there’s the music as well as the lyrics, so you can play as well as sing along to! A great addition to the family library for anyone who has ever even remotely sang a tune!


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