The Higgidy Cookbook


I’m not really a pie person but there’s a few Higgidy products I really like, so despite not really being a pie person, The Higgidy Cookbook was, well, tempting. To prove how much of a pie person I’m not though, the book’s been in my collection for a while and I’ve only just cooked from it. I made Roasted Butternut Squash and Chipotle Tart, which is actually a bonus recipe, as I got the book from Sainsburys. The recipe itself was easy to do but it was my first time using chipotle, I knew it’d be spicy, so I used slightly less than the recipe suggested but I was confident as I was preparing it, that it’d be delicious, as on opening the chipotle jar, it smelt gorgeous, gently spicy with a distinctly barbecue-y vibe. Hmmm, first mouthful of the actual tart had me gasping for the nearest can of soda, even with less chipotle, it was way too hot. It was the sort of spicy hot that just overwhelmed the flavours of everything else, so it wasn’t like eating a butternut squash tart, it was like eating a caustic chemical reaction. Actually that makes it sound horrendous and it wasn’t, the side of coriander and lime sour cream (also in the recipe) helped and it was surprisingly satisfying but I wouldn’t make it again, at least not with the chipotle or maybe a just wave the jar at it smidgen.

As for the actual book, as a not really a pie person, this is not a book I’m going to get heavy use out of, specially as I’m not much of a meat eater and a lot of the recipes are quite meat heavy. However there are some gorgeous looking recipes in there and I must try the chicken and chorizo with spiced paprika crumble, chicken pot pie, giant gruyere and ham sandwich (the picture of this had Boy Lacer literally salivating), little three cheese rolls, melt in the middle pesto chicken, dauphinoise potato and onion pie, smoked bacon tartiflettes, strawberry and apricot freeform tart, mincemeat and apple croustade, oaty treacle tart, chocolate snowflake tart, chocolate brownie puddle pie, rhubarb crumble tarts, apple and blackberry pie, bright red jam tarts, pretty white chocolate tarts, hearts full of fruit and (one of the other bonus Sainsburys recipes) pancetta and potato pasties. What I need to do now is just remember to menu plan from this book, when I menu plan I tend to use just one recipe book for that week, as it makes it easier to remember what I’m doing but as I’m not going to eat pies all week, I will have to remember to keep getting this book out for some one off pie based treats.


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