I feel like I deserve a medal, I’ve been reading Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway for a very long time and I am relieved to finally be at the end of it. Telling the tale of Joe Spork, a repairer of clockwork, son of the infamous Matthew Spork, his life is turned pear shaped when he is asked to repair a mysterious device. Imagine the London underworld, shady government agencies, mad monks and old biddies with a past and you’ve got a rough idea of Angelmaker. There are some absolutely brilliantly written bits and then there’s bits that go on and on and on, take the final showdown for example, that was really good and then it just went on a bit too long. Also I had trouble seeing the characters as ‘real’, that magic bit that happens with a good book, where the people on the page become as real as if they were sitting beside you, just didn’t happen, there were glimpses of it, moments in particular where Joe begins to feel more real and then it’s lost again. But I kept on with the book, I kept going back to it, because I wanted to know how it ended, it hooked me somehow without me completely enjoying the experience.

** (out of 5 stars)


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