Do what you love, love what you do


I’ve had some interesting Twitter conversations in the past about the very topic of do what you love, love what you do, there was a link to a newspaper article which reckoned the very idea was damaging and that it was in effect patronising to all those poor people who had to do sh*t jobs to be able to put a roof over their heads and food on their table. I personally reckoned the newspaper article (sorry no idea what the link for it is anymore) was patronising to the very people doing the aforementioned sh*t jobs because it assumed that they automatically did not like them. Now I can imagine there are a lot of people in horrible low paid work, who hate their jobs, I can also imagine that there are a lot of people in well paid work who probably also hate their jobs but I think it can be surprising what jobs other people may think are horrible, other people may really like. Me personally, I can’t imagine why anyone in the world would ever want to be a dentist, I presume it’s the money but I’m sure that there must be some people out there who actually ‘love’ giving people fillings (hmmmm). I’ve had (and currently hold) an ‘interesting’ array of jobs, I’ve had some I’ve loathed and others I’ve loved, I’ve been low paid, poorly paid and relatively well paid (not in chronological order), but interestingly I’ve recently started a new (second) job, which I guarantee most people would absolutely hate (or think they’d hate it, without trying it – I’m not going to say what it is) and I love it. In today’s horrible economy there often isn’t much choice on what to do, particularly if you’re also trying to juggle childcare (or care of elderly relatives) and when picking jobs ‘love’ can be be low down on the list of priorities but being in a job you hate can be so, so damaging to. I don’t know what the answer is but I think whatever it is, so far the 21st century isn’t helping.



But until then there is always embroidery. The pattern is by Urban Threads, it was a little difficult to transfer the design onto fabric due to it’s complexity, so of it is drawn freehand and it’s a bit crooked in places but it reminds me that ‘do what you love’ isn’t always about your work.


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