The Baker’s Daughter’s Chocolate and Banana Bread


The Baker’s Daughter by Louise Johncox is a lovely book, I have so many baking books on my shelf and many of them are American, European or Scandinavian themed, so it’s lovely to find a book that is proper old fashioned British, the sort of cakes I remember from trips to little tea shops when I was little. The Baker’s Daughter is mainly a recipe book but also memoir of growing up in a tea shop and how as an adult, Johncox finally learnt to bake cakes herself, as her dad’s health failed. I think it’s going to be a great go to reference book when I’m looking for a recipe for a classic.

The first recipe I made from the book is Chocolate and Banana bread, it’s very chocolate-y with an after taste of banana. It’s got a nice crumb texture and it looks pleasingly homemade. As someone who is still traumatised after her last banana bread making session (the Jane Brocket mini banana loaves, which were so gorgeous (and relatively tiny), I ate four in one go, then worked out the calorie count and realised they were 250 calories each) it’s nice to make something with a more intense flavour, so I hopefully won’t each so much of it!>


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