Marmite and cheddar swirl loaf (John Whaite Bakes at Home)


I love John Whaite, I think he’s my favourite ex-reality TV person going, for those that don’t know he won Great British Bake Off a season or two back, he was the one who wasn’t doing too brilliantly for most of the series but really grew and developed, so that by the time it was the final, wow. Anyway, since the series he’s been pretty prolific and is now on his second recipe book, the first was brilliant but I think the second, John Whaite Bakes at Home looks even better!

The first recipe I had to try was the Marmite and Cheddar Swirl Loaf, now I love marmite and I love cheddar but I’m not one of those weird people who sticks both together but I was going to trust in John, I was even going to trust in John with the amount of Marmite to put in, as even though I love marmite (marmite on heavily buttered plastic white bread toast is ambrosia), Mr. Lacer teases me that my idea of putting marmite on a sandwich is to just wave the jar at the bread, I do not like my Marmite strong but I was going to go with what the recipe said and the result was gorgeous! The cheddar manages to soften the possible harshness of the excess Marmite, so those people who like their cheese and marmite sandwiches, maybe they’ve got something going after all (I am not, although tempted, going to go as far as Marmite cheese, ok, actually I am very tempted, so probably). The bread itself, well the crust is very nice and crisp and the inner loaf gorgeously soft, however I’m not sure I’d be liking it that much without the cheese and marmite in but it doesn’t matter because it is in there!

As for the rest of the book, well Whaite was taunting his twitter followers with some gorgeous images from the book for weeks before it was published. What I like about Whaite’s books is that his recipes are always nice and different and are a nice mix between everyday stuff and really impressive show stoppers that are still, thanks to great instructions, possible to achieve. I also like how John has also included some savoury baked recipes as well. Must try recipes for me include chilli, saffron and spelt loaf, sticky ginger muffins, lemon and poppy seed muffins, choco-cola macaroons, sherbet lemon cake, two toned madelines, aussie crunch, giant jam tart, rolo meringue kisses, gingerbread soldiers with yellow and white dip, vanilla and chocolate pinwheels, blackberry jam crumble shortbreads, crumble in a jar, cookie dough brownies, rhubarb and rose shorts, baked arancini, stromboli buns, mini gingerbread teacup houses, popping cranberry chocolate shards, cookie dough fudge, chocolate mud mug pig and if ever I was to make a cake for a very large crowd, the splash three tier celebration cake looks amazing.


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