The Greatcoat

the greatcoat

Hammer have a line of ghost / horror books out, of which The Greatcoat by Helen Dunmore is one of them. Set in the post war 1950s in Yorkshire, Is is the new wife of a young doctor in a new town, lonely and cold, she takes to sleeping under an old Greatcoat she finds in a cupboard, then one night there is a knock on the window and an airman who appears to know her, wants to come in. The Greatcoat is not particularly scary, it is scary I suppose in that it’s hard for Is to escape what’s happening to her but it’s subtle. I thought the ending was quite good but for most of the book I wanted to give Is a good shake and tell her to get herself together. I think that is more of a lack of empathy on my part, I can imagine that the life of a new wife in the 1950s in a new town was probably very isolating and restrictive but I couldn’t help seeing her with my 21st century eyes.

*** (out of 5 stars)


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