Chocolate mini egg brownie


Me and the kids made chocolate mini egg brownies this afternoon, inspired by this post, which was in turn inspired by Nigella’s Everyday Brownie recipe from Kitchen (which can also be found here). We swopped the corner shop chocolate for a tube of chocolate mini eggs, half mixed in with the brownie mix and the other half placed on top. Unfortunately as the brownie rose, the eggs on top stayed where they were, so they pretty much got buried, maybe if we’d placed the second half of the chocolate mini eggs on the cake towards the end of cooking time, they’d have been more visible. But can’t complain too much because they are delicious, as the brownie itself is really good and it’s great when you get to an egg and you’re biting into pure chocolate. The recipe is a great way of using up spare chocolate this Easter, I’m already wondering what this recipe would be like with Maltesers or yum, even better, Rolos!


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