Tate Britain Refurb and Phyllida Barlow


Me and the kids hadn’t been to Tate Britain for ages and well the Phyllida Barlow exhibition looked cool and I wanted to see this staircase all the media reports had been going on about, so we went. Above is the staircase, which was indeed pretty cool, I liked their other one to, is it wrong to say that my favourite bits were the staircases?


But Phyllida Barlow was pretty cool to, it certainly sparked the kids imaginations, with both kids coming up with explanations as to what the ginormous sculptures were.

IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2394

My favourite (not pictured as I was using my phone and the camera app cocked up at that point) was what looked like basically a giant empty loo roll floating in space.

We also ate some extremely highly priced and bad cake from the cafe (I wouldn’t recommend, the V&A and National Gallery are definitely outclassing them on the cake front, although all three institutions are equally shockingly priced) and saw some of the other Modern Art galleries, me and the kids particularly liked the David Hockneys amongst other stuff.


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