Scandilicious Banana Bread


I’m meant to be on a diet but I can’t stop baking, which is a bit of an issue, specially when the bananas that had been sitting on our counter top getting riper and riper for well over a week now started to split when I picked them up this morning. So as when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, when life gives you bananas that are one step away from being thrown in the food recycling bin, you make banana bread. Now I have multiple recipes for banana bread and I am staying away from that Jane Brocket recipe for life, as it’s the nicest banana bread ever and when I worked out how many calories in each tiny loaf (I’d baked it in one of those itty bitty little individual loaves tins), that information alone was enough to give me a heart attack, specially as I’d only worked out the calorie content after I’d eaten four of them. Anyway, today’s recipe is considerably more virtuous and is from Scandilicious Baking. I had been eyeing up the bananas for a few days and had been planning on making this again because it’s even more virtuous but that recipe only called for one banana and I had a heck of a lot more bananas than that to use up. Anyway the resulting cake is lovely, it does taste virtuous but unfortunately the calorie, fat and sugar content not at all virtuous, however it could have been worse and it’s got a good lot of fibre, protein and a bit of vitamins A and C. I had also made the recipe slightly healthier than it could have been by swopping the maple syrup with agave syrup, which has a low GI apparently (and also I didn’t have any maple syrup in the flat anyway). I will admit that I have just eaten two slices, as just one still warm slice of banana bread is not enough but I am now slightly regretting it as I now feel like I’ve eaten enough to sink a battleship, so it’s definitely filling (which is a very good thing as there is nothing worse than something you shouldn’t eat too much of but is not that filling, so you end up eating way too much).

(I’ve been working out the calorie, fat, sugar, nutrient etc. content of my bakes using the My Fitness Pal app, which is quite handy but also a little bit depressing because I have no idea how anyone can eat the perfect amount of nutrients, in the right proportions every day. When I first started using it too many of my calories were coming from carbs, now I’ve got that right, too many of my calories are coming from fat and I never ever eat enough protein).



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