Lemon and Blueberry Madeleines


A pleasant side effect of the day job is that I sometimes come across nice recipes on the internet whilst getting paid for it (not that I don’t drool over Pinterest food boards or anything in my free time), this recipe was one such recipe. It’s apparently from the book Paris Pastry Club and although I’ll admit I don’t make madeleines that often, this has to be the most pernickety recipe for them I’ve tried yet. For a start it required more than one bowl (a pet hate from this small kitchen owner) when I had a feeling you could restructure the recipe to get away with just one. However maybe there was something in the persnicketiness and the multiple bowls because despite being a little over cooked these were, I think, the most ‘proper’ madeleines I’ve made yet and put it this way, I made them an hour ago and they’re now all gone.

(I should add though that although the recipe says it makes 24 madeleines, I don’t know what size tin they’re using because there was only enough batter for 12 with my standard sized tin)


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