The Soldier’s Wife


I know I’ve read Trollope before, back when I was a teenager and I think out of things to read (the Trollope in question, I think, had been my mum’s, I can’t even remember the title). I don’t normally like what my husband would probably call ‘human interest’ books but I like to read at least fairly widely and at least check in every now and then to see if I still in fact don’t like a genre that I think I don’t like. And I think as well, that The Soldier’s Wife piqued my interest, as I live close to an army barracks and in the past some of the mums I’ve known from school have been army wives.

So I settled down to read The Soldier’s Wife and was immediately not that impressed, I found the beginning to be rather disjointed and it didn’t really settle me into the story, as I had trouble for at least the first 10 pages figuring out who was who. But the story, the tale of army wife Alexa coping with the return of her husband from Afghanistan, did settle down and it ended up being quite a quick, easy read. However there were places in the text that felt like they were placed advertorials and were rather preachy (on various issues Army families face), I have no problem about reading about those issues, I’m full of admiration to any Army wife, I certainly would struggle in the role, but those ‘advertorial’ bits, the tone of the book completely changes for a few paragraphs and it takes you right out of being in the story, so bad writing. I also found some of the supporting characters actions a little too convenient for the plot, as they surmise various issues between Alexa and her husband, from often many miles away, without even seeing them.

*** (out of 5)


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